General conditions of sale and legal notices

General conditions of sale

Purchasing a product via the site means the unreserved acceptance of the following general conditions of sale. You hereby declare having the full knowledge of the terms at the moment of the purchase.

  • Article 1 : The creations

All of the night-lights that La Loupiote suggests are unique and handmade creations. Each artwork is crafted by hand and comes  as a single copy. A personalized order inspired from sold creations can be made but there will be minor differences. After having created the night-light, La Loupiote will not make any modification if the result does not meet the customer’s expectations.
In the case of a personalized order (only for the magical doors, not for the other types of creations) , a drawing is sent before the creation and submitted to the customer’s approval. La Loupiote respects the design as much as possible but some mild changes can be made according to her inspiration and these modifications cannot be changed if the customer’s expectations are not met.  

  • Article 2  : Prices and payments

The prices shown in the shop, for each product, are in euros and all tax included but the shipping costs are not included.
You can buy your creations with your credit card through iZettle or Paypal or through usual bank transfer. You have 7 days to pay to validate your order. 

Once the customer has issued the payment, the transaction is immediately charged by iZettle or Paypal after these websites have checked your information. Once the payment has been received, the seller proceeds to the shipment of the parcel. 

In accordance with the monetary and financial law, a commitment to make payment given using a credit card is irrevocable. In sharing their bank account information when purchasing an item, the customer allows Zettle or Paypal to charge their credit card with the amount of money stated to the seller’s profit. The customer confirms he/she is the legal owner of the credit card and that he/she is legally allowed to use it. In case of error, impossibility to debit the card, the sale is immediately declared canceled as of right.


  • Article 3 : Shipment

Concerning the creations that are available in stock, the preparation and the delivery of the order will be done within 1 to 3 days after the payment has been received by the artist.  Concerning the personalized orders, more time will be needed to ship them as they need to be created on demand and only after a cost estimate has been provided by the artist.

Home deliveries are tracked through the Colissimo parcel service counting a delivery time of 2 to 4 days, starting at the shipping date. 

The deliveries sent to pickup points are shipped by Chronospot Shop2Shop counting a delivery time of 2 to 4 days, starting at the shipping date.  

The seller is not responsible for the loss or damage of the parcel done by the shipping service and therefore no refund can be asked to the seller in this case.


  • Article 4 : Orders and returns

The products are available as a single copy. If the shop did not work properly and if an operating error happened in the case of two products bought at the same time, before the number of items in stock has been updated, the customer who bought the item first (date and time of purchase recognized as affording proof) would be the only one to see his/her purchase approved. The second customer would be refunded. After the payment and order have been confirmed on the website, the customer has 7 business days to pay the seller. If the payment has not been received within these 7 business days, the purchase will be qualified as null and void and will be cancelled.

In accordance with the law, you have a 14 day withdrawal period, starting at the date of the delivery of your order. The return of the product, undamaged or damaged, in its undamaged original packaging will be at the customer’s expense. Once this deadline is exceeded, the order cannot be revoked.

The customer is the only one responsible for the choice of his/her products, as well as their preservation and their use. La Loupiote cannot be held responsible for an improper handling, use or natural wear and tear of her creations, as well as any damage of any types, such as physical or material or immaterial that would be caused by an improper use.

La Loupiote will not make any change if the result does not meet the customer’s expectations. A drawing is sent to the customer in order for him/her to confirm what type of creation he/she wants (only possible for magical doors not for the fairy houses and not for the bell jars). The artist respects what has been planned as much as possible but if any mild changes were made by La Loupiote, she would not change anything.


  • Article 5 : Privacy policy

Data is collected when you purchase an item in the shop (your name, email address, postal address, IP address, optionally your phone number) and allow to charge and ship your order.Your email address and your name or pseudo can also be collected when you get in touch with me, La Loupiote, through the form there is on the website.

Your data will not be shared or sold or made public under no circumstances.

In accordance with the French data protection law – January 6th 1978, you have the right to query, access, oppose, modify and correct your private data. By adhering to these terms and conditions, you agree that the artist La Loupiote uses your data to fulfill the deal properly.


  • Article 6 : Intellectual Property Rights

The brands, the domain names, the products, photos, videos, texts or more broadly any piece of information that is an element of intellectual property rights are and stay the sole property of the seller, La Loupiote.
No transfer of intellectual property rights is carried out through these general terms and conditions. Any full or partial reproduction, modification or use of this property for any reason whatsoever is strictly forbidden.

I, the undersigned LE GOUIC Marie / / La Loupiote Veilleuses Féeriques

Micro entreprise . Head office in  Portes de douvres, 14440 Douvres la delivrande

SIRET / company number :  88397204400019

VAT non application according to code 293 B from the French General Tax Code.

You, the customer. 

General terms and conditions of sale written on 10th February 2021 in Caen, France.


Legal Notice

  • 1/ Who are we ?

Under section n°6 in the law n° 2004-575 from 21st June 2004 on the trust in digital economy,  the identities of the various managers  are specified to the users of the website as part of its making and monitoring  :

Owner: La Loupiote, Veilleuses Féeriques – Individual company officially registered in the French Chambre des métiers et de l’artisanat under registration number 88397204400019 – Postal addresss : Portes de douvres, 14440 Douvres la Délivrande

Creator : Marie Le Gouic

Publication manager : Marie LE GOUIC

The publication manager is a natural person or a legal person.

Webmaster : Marie LE GOUIC

Host: Inc. – 2 rue Kellermann – BP 80157 59053 ROUBAIX CEDEX 1


  • 2/ General terms and conditions of use of the website and associated services 

The use of the website implies the unconditional acceptance to the general terms and conditions of use as described here.  These terms and conditions of use can be modified or completed at any time, the users of the website are therefore invited to consult them often. 

This website is meant to be available to users at any time. An interruption can occur for technical maintenance if La Loupiote needs to monitor it. If this situation occurred, she would let you know about the dates and times of the maintenance in advance.

The website is regularly updated by Marie LE GOUIC. In the same way, the general conditions of sale and legal notices can be modified at any time – the user has to respect them as he/she is invited to keep himself/herself informed of the changes.


  • 3. Description of the provided services.

The website aims at providing information about all the activities of the company.

La Loupite does her best to provide information as precise as possible on the website Nevertheless, she will not be found responsible for any omissions, inaccuracy, or update failure whether it is of her making or the making of third-party partners who give her the information.

All information given on the website are indicative and can evolve. Beside, the details on the website are not comprehensive. They can be subject to modifications given from the moment when it was put online.


  • 4. Contractual limitations on technical data.

The website uses JavaScript technology. 

The website cannot be held responsible for the material damage linked to the use of the website. Moreover, the user of the website commits himself/herself to reaching the website through recent material that does not include virus and through an updated latest generation browser.

  • 5. Intellectual property and counterfeiting.

La Loupiote – Veilleuses Féeriques is the owner of the intellectual property rights or claims copyright protection on all the accessible elements on the site, such as the texts, pictures, designs, logo, icons, sounds, softwares. 

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication or adaptation of all or part of the website elements, whatever the means or process used, is forbidden, except with prior written authorization from La Loupiote – Veilleuses Féeriques.

Any unauthorized use of the website or any elements it contains will be considered as counterfeit and will be prosecuted in accordance with Articles L.335-2 and following from the Intellectual Property Code.


  • 6. Liability limitations

La Loupiote cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect damages caused to the user’s materials when the latter connects him/herself to the website and resulting whether from the use of the material that do not correspond to the details given in section 4, or from a glitch or incompatibility.

La Loupiote cannot be held responsible either for indirect damages (such as a market loss, or loss of luck) that could follow the use of the website

Interactive spaces (possibility to ask questions in the contact section) are available to users. La Loupiote has the right to delete, without further notice, any content put in this section that would be a violation of the French applicable legislation , especially the data protection provisions. If any, La Loupiote also has the right to challenge the civil liability and/or criminal responsibility of the user, particularly if messages which are racist,  offensive, defaming or pornographic, regardless of the type of medium used (text, photography…)


  • 7. Management of personal data.

In France, personal data are protected by the law n° 78-87 from 6 January 1978, the law n° 2004-801 from 6 August 2004, the article L. 226-13 from the Penal Code and European Directive from 24 October 1995.

The following data can be collected when using the website – the URL of the links through which the user reached, the user’s provider service name, the user’s Internet protocol address (IP).

In any case, La Loupiote only collects personal data about the user in the sole need using some services suggested on the website The user provides these data knowingly, particularly when he/she types them by him/herself on the website. It is then told to the user of the site the obligation or not to provide these data.


In accordance with articles 38 and following of the law  78-17 from 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and liberties, every user has the right to access, rectify and oppose the personal data concerning them  by making a written and signed request, along with a copy of the document holder’s signature identity document, precising the address to which  the reply must be sent.

Personal data about the users of the website will not be published unbeknownst to them, nor will be exchanged, transferred, ceded or sold to third parties on any kind of medium. Only the hypothesis of a redemption of La Loupiote and her rights would allow the communication of the so-called data to the new owner who would then, in turn, have to respect the same obligations regarding the protection and modification of data of the users of the website.

The website is not registered to the CNIL because it does not collect personal data.

The databases are protected by the dispositions of the law from 1st  July 1998 transposing the directive 96/9 from 11 March 1996 relative to the legal protection of databases.


When leaving feedback on our website, the data written in the feedback form but also your IP address and your browser’s user agent are collected to help us detect undesirable comments.

An anonymous chain created from your email address (also called hash) can be sent to the Gravatar service to check if you use it. The non-disclosures agreements of Gravatar are available here : After your feedback has been approved, your profile picture will appear in public-mode next to your comment. 


If you are a registered user and that you upload pictures on the website, we advise you to avoid uploading images containing EXIF GPS data. The visitors of the website can download and extract location data from these pictures.

  • 8. Hyperlinks and cookies.

The website  contains a certain amount of hyperlinks to other websites, which are chosen and approved by La Loupiote. However, La Loupiote does not have the possibility to check the content of the websites visited this way and therefore shall not assume no responsibility for this fact.

Navigating on the site  is likely to cause the installation of cookie(s) on the user’s computer. A cookie is small size file which does not allow the identification of the user but which stores data about the navigation of a computer on a website. The data  which are obtained this way aim at providing an easier navigation on a later use of the site and are also meant to allow diverse measures of site traffic.

Refusal to install a cookie may make it impossible to access certain services. The user can  However, users may configure their computers in the following manner, to deny the use of cookies:

 Internet Explorer : tool tab / internet options. Click on Privacy and choose to block cookies. Validation and ok. 

 Firefox : on top of the browser window, click on the Firefox button, then go to the option tab. Click on the Privacy tab. Define the rules of conservation on ‘use personalized settings for the browsing history’. Finally, uncheck the box to deactivate the cookies.

Safari : Click on the top right of the browser on the menu icon. Select ‘setting’ Click on ‘show advanced settings’. In the privacy section, click on content settings. In the ‘cookies’ section, you can block the cookies.

Chrome : Click on the top right of the browser on the menu icon Select settings.  Click on ‘show advanced settings’. In the privacy section, click on content settings. In the ‘cookies’ section, you can block the cookies.

To know more about the use of cookies on the website, click here

  • 9. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

Any dispute relating to the use of the website is subject to French law. Exclusive jurisdiction shall be conferred on the competent courts of Paris.

  • 10. The main laws involved.

Law n° 78-17 from 6 January 1978, modified by the law  n° 2004-801 from 6 August 2004 relative information technology, files and liberties.

Law n° 2004-575 from 21 June 2004 for the trust in digital economy.


  • 11. Glossary of terms

user : web user who connects him/herself, using the aforementioned website.

Personal data : “the data which allow, in any form whatsoever, directly or not, to identify physical people to whom they apply” (article 4 from the law n° 78-17 from 6 January 1978).