The Fairy Ring

La Loupiote suggests you her relic “The Fairy Ring”. It is an entirely handmade piece made in her workshop in Normandy, France. It is a unique piece.

The legend tells that these magical circles appear where fairies have had a celebration. Read more below.



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The relic “The Fairy Ring”

La Loupiote suggests you her relic “The Fairy Ring”. It is an entirely handmade piece made in her workshop in Normandy, France. After it’s been put next to a light for 15 minutes, it glows in the dark. Unique piece.

Lors de vos promenades en sous-bois, avez-vous déjà observé ces étranges rassemblements de champignons ? La légende raconte que les fées adorent se réunir la nuit pour danser au clair de lune. Lutins, animaux de la forêt et autres esprits les accompagnent dans leur danse folle du crépuscule à l’aurore. Lorsque l’aube s’éveille, les réjouissances s’évaporent dans les rayons du soleil et de la ronde des fées ne subsiste que la présence d’une farandole de champignons. A chaque fois que vous verrez cela, dites-vous que les fées sont venues ici et qu’elles ont marqué la nature de leur emprunte enchantée.

Have you ever noticed one of these strange mushroom meetings during one of your strolls in the forest ? The legend tells that the fairies love gathering at night to dance under the moonlight. The elves, the woodland animals and other spirits join them to enjoy this crazy dance all night long from twilight to dawn. At daybreak, the merrymaking vanishes into thin air and the fairy round can only be seen in a farandole of mushrooms. Every time you will see this, think that fairies came here and that they have marked nature with their enchanted footprints.


La Loupiote – veilleuses féeriques is a shop that was created in 2020 by the artist “La Loupiote”, a word which has a double meaning in French.

It refers to a small light or a small child. How fitting this name is for someone who creates night-lights in the shapes of small fairy houses !

These magical small lamps which are inspired by the enchanting world of the Faery Folk illuminate the eyes of young and old people alike. The fairy houses glimmer in a sweet light and bring a touch a dream at night fall in the room they decorate, as well as they soothe the ones who are afraid of the dark.

All of the night-lights are unique and handmade with many details, much care and patience. Each of them tells an authentic story and invites you into their worlds – they seem to come all the way from a mossy undergrowth, a flowery meadow, a haunted castle ou even on old library. One holds into their hands a piece of an intimate dream handmade in the workshop just for you.


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