La Loupiote offers you to discover her hand-crafted bell jars, entirely made by hand. Her workshop is situated not far from the sea shore in Normandy, France.

Inspired by these fabulous stories for children that you were read before sleeping, these creations will echo your child spirit. As a matter of fact, they will remind you of these incredible tales that fascinated you so much at nightfall. What about adventure novels ? Valiant knights tales ? Forbidden romance ? A good fight between dragons and magicians ? Ageless fables ? What bedtime story did you love to hear so much ? Under their crystal-clear domes, the enchanted bell jars save the best moments of these fairytales, like so many beautiful memories one wants to hold dear in their hearts. Indeed, each of them illustrate a unique vision inspired by famous tales or fables. From the Grasshoper and the Ant by the French poet Jean de la Fontaine to The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Handersen, these night-light bell jars will cast a soft and sweet light in your home.

Thanks to small garlands or LED candles they can all light up. Thus, each creation can be illuminated with a tiny button, so that you can create a cozy atmosphere for the young and old children who will adopt them. Thus, this surely is enough beauty to assure you to sleep tight and spend sweet nights bathed in fantastic dreams.