La Loupiote offers you to discover her hand-crafted bell jars, entirely made by hand. Her workshop is situated not far from the sea shore in Normandy, France.

The magic doors have various shapes. All of them can be lit thanks to their lighting system that is integrated behind the facade. They can be put at the bottom of a tree, up in the branches, hidden in the vegetable garden… Once in the garden, their universes bring an enchanting atmosphere on sweet summer nights.

These night-lights shaped as fairy doors can of course find a place in your house – in a plant, in your living-room, in a bedroom, next to a window…

These magical objects open onto fantastic worlds. But will you dare to push the door ? Who knows what creature will be there once the portal between worlds is open ? Once you’ve crossed the threshold, can you go back ? Perhaps you will catch sight of a group of korrigans (type of Breton goblins) running at full speed in your garden. You could discern the silhouettes of some witches leaving the old Three Hats Inn. Cats, owls and toads will surely follow. Fairies are never far. You will certainly see their gracious shadows dancing at nightfall. So let yourself be bewitched by these unique night-lights that open onto a world of dreams. Choose yours !

Personalised orders are of course possible depending on the nature of your project.