La Loupiote offers you to discover hand-crafted fairy houses, entirely made by hand in her workshop which is situated on the sea shore in Normandy, France.

Inspired by her trips in legendary lands, her fairy houses can take various shapes ― a tree stump, a mushroom, a pumpkin, a flower… in order to create the most suited dwellings to welcome the magical creatures who live there.

Each fairy house also tells their enchanting and fascinating stories to lead you at the heart of their magic universe. Thanks to small garlands or LED candles that can light up, each house can be illuminated with a tiny button, in order to create a cozy atmosphere for the magical dwellers as well as the human beings who will protect them (young and old alike).

So, who will you adopt as a guardian to protect your home ? A mischievous elf who sleeps at the back of an old pub, on an ageless book, in a bed made from a tin of sardines ? Or a pretty twinkly fairy from the green hills of Ireland who dwells in a beautiful chubby pumpkin ? Or perhaps you will choose the strange house of a powerful witch met in far and foreign imaginary lands ? What about the delicious sweet shop hidden in a fairy gingerbread house ? Listen to your heart, keep your eyes wide open and you will make the right choice.