La Loupiote offers you to discover her hand-crafted book nooks, entirely made by hand. Her workshop is situated not far from the sea shore in Normandy, France.

These wonderful illuminated book-shaped boxes became popular in 2018 thanks to a Japanese artist. They contain a miniature world which is often decorated with a depth effect in a 3 dimensional environment that gives the illusion of a passageway opens at the back of your bookcase. The tiny enchanting universes often mirror the titles of the books they are close to on the shelves. From Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, to C.S Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia or even Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings etc. Imagination has no border anymore.

The book nooks can be customized in infinite ways as there are so many stories to be told. Their size can also be adapted to the height of your favorite editions and/or to the depth of your bookcases. Each creation is a unique piece which can be lit thanks to a LED garland hidden inside the structure. A thin sheet of paper is applied on each box to decorate the outside of it.

If you have got a keen eye, you may catch sight of the fast glow of a sparkling fairy wing, or the shadow of a gnom coming and going through the magical passageway. This will surely give you another amazing story to tell.

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